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The Step Collective's first panel discussion on traditional dance from The Flurry Festival, February 2021. This conversation will be featured on the Tradical Podcast, and more conversations will be published through the Step Collective. Join the mailing list for more.

The featured artists discuss tradition, music, style, and history across their cultural practices. Pierre Chartrand - Quebecois dance, Yvonne Chartrand - Métis dance, Anne-Marie Gardette - Baroque dance, Nic Gareiss - percussive dance, Phil Jamison - Old time banjo, flatfooting, squaredance, Kieran Jordan - Sean-nós and old style Irish step, dance Evie Ladin - Old time music and percussive dance, Liam Scanlon - Sean-nós dance, Sophie Stephenson - Scottish step dance, Jane Peck - Baroque dance and French traditions in North America, Laurel Premo - Old-time fiddle, Catherine Turocy - Baroque dance.