Jigging Basics – Fast Paced (March 25 to April 29)


Explore basic moves for the various step dance traditions of the North Atlantic with Danielle Enblom, a step dancer, fiddler, and dance historian.

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March 25 to April 29

7:00 – 8:30 PM CST

This class will move quickly, reviewing techniques like “pitter patter”, “battering”, “trebles”, “shuffles”, and digging into more complex rhythms and variations with steps like the Connemara step, the Clare battering step, the Robert Dotson (Tennessee) walking step, The Red River Jig, and the French Canadian Brandy.

Half of each class will be a study of the various traditions with videos, interviews, and discussion, and half will be spent dancing.

Traditions explored include:

Old-style Irish step dance

Sean-nós (Irish) dace

Scottish Step Dance

Cape Breton Step dance

Appalachian flatfooting and clogging

Métis Jigging

Quebecois Jigging


Each participant will also get a 30-minute private session with Danielle for a chance to get some 1 on 1 instruction.

6 Fridays (March 25 to April 29)

7:00 – 8:30 PM CST


About Danielle – With roots are in competitive Irish step dance, regional styles of dance in Ireland, and dance master traditions, also has family roots in Métis and Quebecois traditions. Her traditional practices are also informed by the lifelong study of other movement forms including ballet, modern dance, Alexander technique, and Laban Movement Analysis.

Danielle has worked with artists from Scotland, England, and across Turtle Island/North America, and has written an MA thesis on the dance master tradition in Ireland and its relationship to European and North American dance and music practices. She will share perspectives from her vantage point on history, culture, and techniques while introducing resources to further study the masters and ideas from other traditions.